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Helping those who are helping us

COVID-19 has created an immense burden on people who find themselves as Frontline or Key Workers during this difficult time.

This can mean increased risk of exposure to the virus, long hours, high stress levels, few breaks, and meeting distressed people, be they patients in hospitals, residents in care homes, customers in shops, parents in schools, family members in need of personal care, and indeed, dealing with any challenging situation in this pandemic.

We recognise their sacrifice and feel we would like to express our thanks by offering free counselling help to anyone working directly within this crisis.

Who are we?

UKCP registered Psychoanalyst, Sonia Richards, has brought together a group of qualified counsellors under the banner Key Link Counsellors.  We are now providing our counselling skills to any front line or key worker to help them though any issues they may now face.

All our counsellors are offering their services pro bono and have signed agreements which ensure the quality of Key Link Counsellors' services.  Key Link is an entirely not-for-profit organisation.

We also wish to express our gratitude to those non-therapists who have contributed to the formation of Key Link, including our web designer, legal advisors and the many individual and organisational supporters who have helped raise awareness of our presence. 


I found the whole experience hugely beneficial. I felt listened to and the support/advice was spot on. I have come away feeling stronger and with strategies I can put into practice easily.

I am able to make the changes I needed to with confidence and also consider the strategies I need to use to support me in the future.

Thank you so much for the support, it has been life changing.

Key Worker in Leicestershire

The counselling was more beneficial than I can ever effectively explain. My counsellor was absolutely fantastic and helped me through one of the hardest times in my life. I am so grateful and will forever be. I felt completely at a loss and unable to make decisions when I started these sessions, not things I was used to feeling at all. Now I feel back to myself and am really enjoying the feelings of happiness again. The work issues around COVID remain but are manageable.

The speed of the set-up from registration to booking and having the first session was unbelievably fast - within 24 hours. It far exceeded anything I could have expected.

Thank you all so much for doing this for us. There are many positive things coming out of this dreadful pandemic, this service has been one of those and I will never be able to thank you all enough.

Key Worker in England


Thank you to Gotelee Solicitors LLP who have provided legal advice to us free of charge


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