Key Link Privacy Statement

Who we are
We are: Key Link

Where to find us
Our contact details are: Alde Cottage, The Street, Bruisyard, Saxmundham Suffolk IP17 2DT

What we do
We are an unincorporated not for profit organisation.
Our core activity is to bring together counsellors and clients working in health and social care.

Whose personal data we hold and how we collect it
We hold personal data of: clients, counsellors and visitors to our website.
As regards clients and counsellors we collect personal data through and for the purpose of our core business.
As regards visitors to our website (which may not limited to clients and counsellors), we collect information from our website.

What personal data we hold
As regards clients and counsellors, we hold names and contact details.
As regards clients we may exceptionally also process special categories of personal data, for example about the area of the country that we live in.
As regards visitors to our website (including but not limited to the above), we may hold anonymised basic information.

What we use it for
We process the personal data we hold mainly for the purposes of our core activity.
We may also process personal data where we have a legitimate interest (for example in personal data arising from website traffic). 

We will include an unsubscribe option on circular emails to clients and counsellors who have not opted in to receive them.

How long we keep your personal data
If you are a client or counsellor, we hold personal data while we are providing services to you and for a reasonable period thereafter. If you ask us to delete your personal data we will do so.
If you are a visitor to our website we hold personal data for 90 days.

We operate a policy of “privacy by design.” We will therefore maintain the confidentiality of your personal data to the extent consistent with the lawful purposes we use it for. We will apply enhanced management where we hold sensitive personal data about you, for example data about health.

Except as explained below, we do not share personal data with anyone else.
We may share anonymised personal data from our website and cookies with [Google Analytics] to understand the flow of traffic to our website and improve our service.

Your right to ask us what we know about you
You are welcome to ask us what personal data we hold about you. If you want us to correct personal data which is incorrect, we will comply with your request. 

We are registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner and you can find out more information about them on

Our data controller is Key Link and our data protection officer is Sonia Richards. If you have an enquiry about our use of your personal data or want to make a complaint about it you should contact our data protection officer. You can also make a complaint about us to the ICO.